Declan, and so many other children with special needs,  now have a place to play!


Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-7pm

Thursday 10am-5:30pm *5:30-7pm teens only*

Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 11am-2pm


 2881 Southwestern Blvd

in Orchard Park, New York

(716) 674-7001

 Our special needs play place is now OPEN!!

Sensational Fun, Inc. is a nonprofit community organization serving the Buffalo, New York area.  We are dedicated

to filling in the recreational gaps that exist for children with disabilities and their families.

" Wouldn't it be great if kids like Declan could have a place catered to them? A safe spot to run, jump, climb and spin to their hearts' desire with no stares and no whispers. No explanations needed."

-A mom who loves her son with Autism

Sensational Fun on Channel 2 & 4!