About Us

"Our Passion is our Strength"

                    -Billie Joe Armstrong

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Three years ago when I began working with children with disabilities, my heart grew with love and passion for their sweet personalities and challenges they hurdled. It soon broke my heart when I discovered their limits due to what our community has to offer them. Every child wants to make friends, have fun, and be themselves. But many need special environments in order to physically and mentally feel ready to do this. It is time to make this happen so my little friends, Declan, Cameron, Ollie, Alex, McKenna, (I have so many to name), can thrive to their fullest potential!


Thanks for helping us make this change!

Thank you for helping us "embrace and empower children with diverse abilities through diverse play!

                                   With love and sincerity,

                                          Jennifer Kline

A  note from our founder

The Challenges Remain Because The

 Limits Remain


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