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Dear Preschool Parent or Guardian,


Thank you for considering Sensational Fun to love, teach, and empower your little one! Our passion in starting this program began when looking back at the past 2 years, realizing how much we can help make sure your kiddos have a happy, confident, strong foundation. Many of their skills needed for social and formal learning have all been affected by our Covid experiences. Getting your kids on their developmental track is our specialty! We developed the preschool with typically developing children in mind, knowing they might need a little extra to get them back on track. Our center is full of activities that naturally enhance development. When you add in our experience and whole child curriculum, great things happen! Of course, we welcome and encourage children of all abilities! (Everyone already knows we are magical for kids with special needs!)


Our 2- and 3-day programs support each student as he or she develops confidence in learning. Allowing them to be themselves and learn through play and meaningful activities will build a strong foundation to formal learning.


Just a few things your child will experience with us:

  • Consistency

  • Individual and social play

  • Small and large group activities

  • Leadership & self-empowerment

  • Independence & responsibility

  • Self-regulation

  • Self-care

  • Fine & Gross motor activities

  • Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation

  • Sensory play

  • STEAM activities

  • NYS Preschool Standards


  • Weekly Martial Arts Class

  • Weekly Music Class (4/5yr program)

  • Seasonal-themed activities

  • Indoor & Outdoor Play

  • Ongoing assessment of development

  • Daily communication

  • Extra supports as needed


Thank you for considering us as such an important part of your child’s life!

Miss Jen, Miss Moira, Miss Kelly, & Miss OT Cheryl