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Summer Social Skills Classes

Summer Social Skills Classes at Sensational Fun gives your child all the necessary components to keep on track for the summer and leading into the next school year. Children of all abilities will practice social skills such as self regulation, turn taking, conversation starting, appropriate conversation,  body awareness, transitioning, being part of a group, embracing differences, and so much more! Our facility offers a naturally therapeutic and sensory experience, while secretly working all those motor skills many kids fall behind on! 

  • We will have 2 age groups, 3-8yr & 9-13yr

    • The groups will be in separate rooms and rotate, and will be age and developmentally appropriate activities. We may have outdoor play times together or "big buddy/little buddy" times. But for the most part we will separate the littles and the bigs!

  • Choice of Full week, MTW or T&Th and Choice of 9-11:30am or 9-2:00pm

    • During the 9-11:30 time, kids will benefit from sensory input, motor development, developmentally appropriate reading and writing, language, arts & crafts, social skills, and snack... all wrapped up into indoor and outdoor fun!

    • During the 9-2pm time, kids will also benefit from lunch time prep skills, meditation, and yoga, and more!

    • Every week, we have Music with Miss Sara

    • Everyone will have the option to participate in our new iLs program (Integrated Listening System) This is for kids that will be spending 6 or more weeks with us. (This option is $50 extra per week) Check out to learn more!


    • Full Week 9-2pm ($300) or 9-11:30am ($200), [w/iLs add $50per week (6 weeks or more)]

    • MWF, 9-11:30am is ($120)   OR   9-2pm is ($180), [w/ iLs add $30per week (6 weeks or more)]

    • Tues/Thurs, 9-11:30am is ($80)  OR   9-2pm is ($120)

      SELF DIRECTION- If you have a Self Direction Budget, you may be able to get Summer Classes reimbursed under Community Classes.  AND we can Direct Bill if authorized by your FI. Please contact to discuss!

Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in the hands of the most passionate teachers, therapists, and experienced staff who have been fingerprinted and background checked in New York State.  We believe in bringing out the “whole” happy child through meaningful experiences that connect each as an individual and as a group!
Adapting is our specialty—Seeing the best in your child is our gift!


See our Summer Class options and sign up on the link provided.

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