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Sensational Fun, Inc is a nonprofit community organization serving the Western New York area. We provide an array of sports, clubs, camps, programs, respite, and family events which are adapted to meet the needs of our children and adults with different abilities. We are teachers, therapists, staff, and volunteers all experienced and passionate about adapting to each child and adult and seeing the best in them!


For our community to embrace and validate each other's diverse intellectual, social, and physical abilities.


​To empower children and adults to embrace their different intellectual, social, and physical abilities and achieve their dreams through diverse play, activities, and exercise.  



Sensational Fun embraces the wide variety of abilities present in our neighborhoods and in the world, providing a path toward mutuality in our daily lives.



Belonging is central to Sensational Fun's identity, with the aim of creating not only a safe space, but a positive community for all people.


Central to our goal of forming a community of mutual betterment is fostering an attitude of acceptance for all types of people, reflecting the broader diversity encountered in everyday life.



An integral part of any diverse community is mutual respect. Sensational Fun strives to develop respect for others and understanding of difference.



Most importantly, Sensational Fun defines itself as a vehicle for individual and community empowerment, helping to foster self-confidence and self-awareness.  

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