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Summer Social Skills Classes

(including theme descriptions, dates, times, cost, location and to sign up!)

Summer Social Skills Classes at Sensational Fun are community classes open to all children. Children of all abilities will be taught social skills in a variety of situations that pertain to that of a child in the community! They will practice skills such as self regulation, turn taking, conversation starting, appropriate conversation,  body awareness, transitioning, being part of a group, embracing differences, and so much more! Our facility offers a naturally therapeutic and sensory experience, while secretly working all those motor skills while having fun!

Social skills are taught in indoor and outdoor playground scenarios, meal time, group games, arts and crafts, and with a fun theme to incorporate similar interests into friendship building. 

We teach daily meditation and yoga for regulation.

We also offer Integrated Listening System (iLs) for an additional support to social skill development. This helps with regulation, communication, focus and so much more!
(Ask us more about this!)

Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in the hands of the most passionate teachers, therapists, and experienced staff who have been fingerprinted and background checked in New York State.  We believe in bringing out the “whole” happy child through meaningful experiences that connect each as an individual and as a group!
Adapting is our specialty—Seeing the best in your child is our gift!


See our WEEKLY THEME options for dates, times, cost and location and sign up on the link provided AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE!

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