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ALOHA! Join us for a week of Social Skills and Summer Fun with friends..  Luau- style of course! Leis, dancing, Limbo, waterslide & bounce house, crafting and music!


This is a Community Class where children of all abilities will practice social skills such as self regulation, turn taking, conversation starting, appropriate conversation,  body awareness, transitioning, being part of a group, embracing differences, and so much more! 


Location: THE HUB, 4999 McKlinley Pkwy, Hamburg

TIme: 9:00-11:30am

Ages: 4-8 & 9-15 (separate groups)

Cost: $150/ Mon, Tues, Wed


For Self Direction or MHAWNY clients, use promo code "summer"- ONLY IF WE HAVE SET UP DIRECT BILLING). For info on Direct billing, please reach out!  You cannot use the code without authorization from Jen


Aloha to Summer 2, July 1, 2, 3 @ The Hub

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